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Flakka: The New Face of the Zombie Drug and How to Protect Yourself

Flakka, also known as alpha-PVP or “gravel,” is a synthetic stimulant notorious for its powerful, often dangerous effects on the human body. It earned its nickname because users become aggressive, superhumanly strong, and impervious to pain after taking this drug. In this article, we will explore what flakka is, where it comes from, its impact on the human body and mind, and the importance of therapy in treating addiction to this drug.

What is Flakka?

Flakka is produced from the chemical compound alpha-PVP (alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone). It is often compared to other highly addictive substances like amphetamines or cocaine. The first reported cases of its use surfaced in the United States around 2013. This drug is frequently manufactured in illegal labs and sold as white or pink crystals, which can be inhaled, smoked, injected, or even ingested. Its easy availability and low cost unfortunately contributed to its rapid uptake among users.

How Does the “Zombie Drug” Affect Humans?

Flakka induces euphoria but also possesses stimulating and empathogenic properties. It works by increasing the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, particularly dopamine and norepinephrine. The main effects of this compound include:

  • Stimulation: It boosts energy, alertness, and arousal. Users may feel a heightened need for physical and mental activity.
  • Euphoria: Elevated dopamine levels in the brain can lead to intense joy and euphoria.
  • Increased Aggression and Strength: Higher levels of aggression and impulsivity can occur.
  • Hallucinations and Psychosis: High doses or prolonged use can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis.
  • Increased Body Temperature: Cases have been reported where body temperature dangerously escalated post-drug use.
  • Heart Issues: Flakka can cause tachycardia and other serious cardiac problems.
  • Addiction: It is highly addictive, both physically and psychologically.

Flakka and the Mechanism of Addiction

The euphoric feeling reinforces the brain’s reward system. The intense emotions and positive reinforcement following drug use lead to a desire to experience those effects again, increasing the risk of repeated use. Regular use can result in tolerance, necessitating higher doses to achieve the same effects, thus leading to physical and psychological dependence. Withdrawal symptoms such as depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and sleep disturbances often drive individuals back to drug use to alleviate these symptoms.

Therapy in Treating Alpha-PVP Addiction

Flakka is also taking its toll in Poland, where statistics show a growing number of people addicted to this drug. Treating such patients requires a comprehensive approach. The first step is safely removing the substance from the body through detoxification under medical supervision. Therapy is crucial to understanding the causes of addiction and changing behavioral patterns. Support from specialists who take a holistic approach to the problem aids in treatment and influences its duration. A professional addiction treatment center offering tailored methods to meet patient needs and expectations is essential. The benefits of seeking help from a specialized clinic include:

  • Individualized Approach: Therapies are customized based on the patient’s needs, treatment history, and individual experiences.
  • Professional Care: In modern clinics, patients have access to qualified medical and therapeutic staff capable of implementing holistic assistance and innovative therapies.
  • Safe Environment: The clinic provides a safe and controlled environment crucial during the treatment phase. The conditions in which patients recover are highly significant.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: Various therapy forms are offered, including individual sessions, group therapy, and support in managing relapses. Treatment for alcoholism or other addictions often accompanying drug dependencies is also available.


Flakka, or alpha-PVP, is a potent stimulant capable of inducing strong and sometimes dangerous psychoactive reactions and leading to rapid addiction development. Its use poses significant health and social risks. If you notice signs of addiction in yourself or others, seek help from specialists. Proper therapy and support from doctors and therapists can aid recovery and help address addiction issues.

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