Gambling Addiction Treatment

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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Buying a lottery ticket, playing a poker game, placing a bet on a football match, getting rid of change in a slot machine or making some money at a casino can be a temporary distraction and indeed are a form of entertainment for millions of people around the world. However, when the fun starts to get out of control and we start to think that winning is a skill, not a stroke of luck, a gambling addiction begins to develop, the consequences of which can be absolute for health and relationships with loved ones and family.

What is gambling?

Gambling is taking part in any game of chance where you risk something of value in order to win money. An important feature of gambling is the randomness of winnings – the outcome of the game does not depend on the player’s knowledge and skills, but is an accident and a successful or unfortunate coincidence. Gambling includes for example:

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling, gambling disorder or compulsive gambling, is a behavioral addiction. It is characterized by a loss of control over one’s behavior and urges, which leads to a compulsive desire to gamble, despite significant losses in the addict’s life. The gambler becomes addicted to the thrill of betting more and more money and taking more and more risks. He is willing to risk everything he values in hope of gaining something of greater value. In the event of losing money, he is convinced that he is able to make up for the lost funds and thus falls into a gambling spiral that can lead to significant financial trouble.

Gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system and releases a burst of dopamine, just like alcohol and drugs, leading to addiction. As the addiction develops, the gambler develops a tolerance, and to increase the dopamine supply, he must take more and more risks and win more and more rewards.
As with other addictions, gamblers treat gambling as a way to deal with other problems in their lives, such as:

How does gambling addiction develop?

Gambling is a form of entertainment and a distraction. Sometimes, however, something that was supposed to be a temporary distraction or escape from everyday problems turns into a full-fledged addiction. There are 4 phases of addiction in pathological gambling:
  1. Victory Phase – Starts with a big win that allows you to view gambling in a positive way. The gambler begins to believe that he has an extraordinary talent for gambling and that winning is destined for him. He is clearly excited, accompanied by indescribable euphoria and contentment. During this phase, the addict spends more and more time and money on the game.
  2. Losing phase – the gambler continues to gamble despite losing more and more money while doing it. He still believes he can win and make up for all the losses. During this phase, addiction problems begin. The addict begins to borrow money, neglects professional duties, lies to family and friends, stops paying off debts.
  3. Desperation phase – complete loss of control. The gambler begins to feel guilty and ashamed, but cannot stop gambling. He can lie, fabricate, steal and get into trouble with law, take loans just to finance gambling. During this phase, serious consequences of pathological gambling occur, such as job loss, divorce, arrest.
  4. Loss of hope phase – the gambler feels he has hit rock bottom. He realizes that gambling is a game of chance. He does not believe that his life can be repaired and that his fate interests anyone. Very often contemplates or tries to commit suicide, falls into alcoholism or other addictions.
Problem gamblers believe they can predict the outcome of the game and can control chance. They believe that if something hasn’t happened in a long time, it will happen eventually. They are absolutely convinced that they deserve to win and they are destined to win. Gambling addicts spend more than they can afford to lose. At some point, the need to play is so strong for them that they lose other interests in their lives. Financial problems, family quarrels develop. The gambler lies and denies just to get money to play another game. Eventually, he becomes depressed and experiences guilt and shame. He feels isolated and deprived of any hope of improving his situation.
What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?
Symptoms of gambling addiction:

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Treating pathological gambling at Zeus Rehab

Zeus Rehab offers personalized, unique treatment programs for people addicted to gambling. We are aware of how severe and far-reaching consequences gambling addiction is. We have successfully helped others who just like you, exhibited compulsive intimacy with gambling. We never judge or categorize your problem. We are characterized by empathy, understanding and indescribable discretion. Our highly qualified team of doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists is ready to help you break you free from the clutches of compulsive gambling.

Gambling addiction can develop for psychological, genetic, social and physical reasons. Any past events, past traumas and rejections – any factor can affect the development of your intimacy with gambling. Therefore, when planning your individualized treatment plan, we examine every aspect of your life: diet, lifestyle, degree and type of addiction, habits, history.
Gambling addiction therapy at Zeus Rehab is carried out in luxurious conditions, in the privacy of our exclusive villa, in beautiful and picturesque surroundings. We offer accommodation in a 5* standard and we try to meet your every requirement.
During treatment in our clinic, we will take care of your full, comprehensive recovery. We heal in 360 degrees – we improve the body, mind and soul.
We will organize everything for you and we will try not to miss any detail. During your stay at Zeus Rehab, we are only for you, so don’t be afraid to take the first step. We will give you warmth and sensitivity that will allow you to permanently free yourself from the clutches of pathological gambling.
360-degree health assessment:
360-degree treatment for pathological gambling
According to the individual treatment plan, we develop the schedule of therapeutic classes based on:
  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy

During therapy you are under the supervision of a psychiatrist at all times. In addition, you are constantly supported by a certified psychotherapist who will take care of your emotional well-being.

  • Medical supervision

A qualified doctor and nursing team will take care of a comprehensive assessment of your health. If necessary, they will plan the respective laboratory tests, diagnose and exclude potential addiction comorbidities.

  • Addiction and health assessment

Depending on where you are on your recovery path, the duration and general core of your therapy will depend.

  • 360-degree therapy

We comprehensively treat your  mind, body and soul. Therefore, during therapy, we will focus not only on talking and getting to know you, but we will approach the entire treatment process holistically. Therefore, if possible, we will implement complementary therapies such as: yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, beauty treatments, vitamin infusions.

  • 5* luxury

We know that for therapy to be successful, it must be associated with pleasure. That is why we invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and discretion.


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WE ARE are characterised by empathy, UNDERSTANDING AND indescribable DISCRETION

We invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and anonymity.