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Mescaline: Discover the Secrets and Potential of this Substance

Mescaline – the peyote cactus or San Pedro cactus is its natural source – is one of the world’s oldest substances known for its reality-altering properties. It can be confidently asserted that it has been used for thousands of years, evidenced by sculptures of deities holding San Pedro cacti that exist to this day. Its discovery dates back thousands of years when indigenous tribes of North and South America began using these cacti for ritual and medicinal purposes. Mescaline gained fame in Western culture in the 20th century, becoming a subject of interest in the fields of psychology and medicine.

Traditional Use of Mescaline

For centuries, mescaline has been used by indigenous cultures as a means to facilitate profound spiritual experiences. It was regarded as a sacred substance enabling contact with the spirit world, healing, and introspection. Its traditional use in religious and healing ceremonies often involved rites of passage and personal quests for meaning and purpose in life. As with other similar substances, it also intrigued the modern scientific world. Cacti containing mescaline became objects of study by scientists worldwide as early as 1897 when German researchers first isolated this compound. Since the early 20th century, synthetic production of mescaline has also been possible. Through its effects on the human body, this substance has also piqued the interest of addiction treatment specialists.

Effects of Mescaline on the Human Body

Mescaline is an organic chemical compound, an alkaloid, exhibiting strong psychoactive effects that alter the user’s perception, thinking, and feelings. Its action on the human body primarily involves interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain, especially the 5-HT2A receptor. This interaction is responsible for visual hallucinations, altered states of consciousness, and profound introspective experiences. Mescaline affects mood, perception of time and space, and thought processes. These symptoms potentially support the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

Mescaline – Drugs, Alcohol, and Medications

As early as 1974, during studies among Native Americans, it was noted that mescaline-containing cacti could be useful in treating alcoholism (source: The American Journal of Psychiatry, November 1974, vol. 131, issue 11, pp. 1247-1250). In recent years, scientists have begun to investigate mescaline as a potential therapeutic agent, particularly useful in treating depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and as a means to address addiction causes. Research indicates the possibility of using mescaline under controlled conditions to alleviate symptoms of these disorders, opening new perspectives in psychotherapy.

The mescaline-containing cactus is increasingly seen as an important tool in addiction treatment. Current studies suggest that mescaline can help achieve deep states of introspection and self-awareness, which may be beneficial in therapy. It is believed that it can assist patients in processing difficult emotions and experiences, as well as achieving lasting changes in behavior and mindset.

Mescaline Dosage

Individuals who have experienced the effects of mescaline often describe them as breakthrough moments in their lives. These accounts include descriptions of mystical experiences, profound insights into personal psyche, and alterations in consciousness. However, proper dosing of the substance is crucial, and it should only be administered in a controlled environment. The amount of substance depends on the therapeutic goals, the user’s health status, weight, and height.


Modern science is increasingly exploring mescaline, exploring its potential therapeutic and psychological applications. Researchers focus on understanding how this substance may contribute to the treatment of various mental disorders and the mechanisms responsible for it.

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