Prescription Drug Addiction

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Prescription Drug Addiction

Pharmaceuticals are a rescue in many diseases and ailments. They bring relief, heal and help restore health. When a doctor writes a prescription, it seems that taking the prescribed drugs is completely safe and they will not be as harmful as illegal drugs. Nothing further from the truth. We must remember that what was supposed to be a cure can also become harmful. Excessive use of drugs leads to addiction, which is an increasingly common problem with very serious implications on health, social and family life.

What is Prescription drug addiction?

Prescription rug addiction, also known as prescription drug dependence, is manifested by excessive consumption of pharmaceuticals, which is not justified in a medical recommendation. Long-term consumption of the drug leads to a decrease in its effectiveness, which forces the patient to take more and more of it in order to obtain the desired effect or to avoid the effects of its withdrawal. Prescription drug addiction is associated with psychological and physical dependence. It is as dangerous as alcoholism and drug addiction. As a consequence, it can lead to very serious complications, overdose and death.

What drugs cause addiction?

Excessive consumption of any pharmaceutical can be resulted in a psychological dependence. Psychological addiction is most often caused by:

The most dangerous effects are those drugs that are associated with the occurrence of strong mental and physical dependence or discontinuation which should always be under the supervision of a doctor. We include:

Benzodiazepine derivatives

Non-benzodiazepine hypnotics, so-called Z-drugs

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

Detection of prescription drug addiction is very difficult, as we never know whether the patient takes subsequent doses due to the doctor’s recommendations, or whether these are extra doses dictated by the development of addiction.

The most common symptoms of drug addiction:

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Treatment of PRESCRIPTION drug addiction at Zeus Rehab

At Zeus Rehab, we fully understand and have a great empathy for prescription drug addicts. We are guided by the principle of never judging or glorifying your addiction. We always operate with absolute privacy and discretion.

Our job is to find out as much as possible about you. We want to understand your relationship with a specific prescription drug and learn the reasons that influenced the development of addiction in your life. Our mission is to break you free from the clutches of addiction and bring harmony back to your life.

During treatment, which takes place in the comfort of our luxurious residence, we recognize the causes and effects of addiction through a full 360-degree analysis of health. Then we treat your mind, body and soul.

360-degree health assessment:

360-degree prescription drug addiction treatment:

At Zeus Rehab, drug addiction treatment is divided into 3 main stages:
  1. Presctiption drug detox, body detox
  2. Prescription drug Rehab
  3. Post treatment support – maintaining abstinence

Effective treatment of drug addiction involves the combination of two processes necessary to say goodbye to addiction. Here we are talking about the parallel implementation of detoxification and psychotherapy of the patient.

Prescription drug detox is designed to break your drug cycle. During detoxification, we will slowly reduce the dose of the drug and replace it with an alternative pharmacological substance which will not cause any side effects. During detoxification, we will remove harmful toxins that are a by-product of drug metabolism. We will improve the somatic condition of your body, reduce the feeling of irritability and diagnose coexisting addiction diseases. After detoxification, you will no longer need to take medications to function normally.

Already during the ongoing detoxification, we will implement drug withdrawal therapy. We will take care of your mental health. Our team of highly qualified psychologists and therapists will make sure to provide you with professional psychological help. We will try to find out what are the motives of your drug addiction and show you ways to deal with the desire to take drugs. We will make you find the strength and motivation for change and take action to overcome your addiction.

Throughout the entire period of drug withdrawal therapy, we will take care of your comfort and provide you with the best treatment conditions in a 5* standard, with luxurious amenities.

The road to recovery is completely different for each patient, but the mental balance and sense of freedom achieved by eliminating addictive drugs is one of the greatest successes you can achieve.

This is why at Zeus Rehab, after the end of treatment, we stay in touch and agree on a further plan for living in sobriety and maintaining mental health. After crossing the door of our clinic, you will never be left alone with your prescription drug addiction problem. If we gain your trust, you will become a member of our community – people who are happy, fulfilled and free from addictions.

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