Treating Social Media Addiction

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Treating Social Media Addiction

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube – these are applications that were created to keep us in touch with other people all the time. Thanks to them, we know in the blink of an eye how our friends are doing, we can share important and less important moments with others, exchange views on various topics, and make new acquaintances and friendships. Social media were supposed to be a way to facilitate and improve interpersonal relationships, but with their expansion, they turned into a full-fledged hobby for people from all over the world and in every age group.
Man suffering from phone dependence
Using social media is not a bad thing, but in recent years there has been an increasing number of people who are compulsively active on the Internet. Their life is absorbed in the virtual world and takes place through various types of portals. Excessive use of social media is associated with the development of addiction, the consequences of which can be very severe for psychophysical health and strongly affect the quality of life.

What is social media addiction?

Social media addiction is a type of behavioral disorder that is characterized by excessive use of social media, fueled by an uncontrollable need to log on to it, check notifications, compulsive use of social media and spending so much time on it that it impairs other spheres of life. Social media addiction is a new phenomenon as social networking sites have been around for several decades.

What is a dopamine loop?

Compulsive use of social media can lead to psychophysical dependence because it is associated with triggering the brain’s reward system to release dopamine – a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feeling emotions and motivation to act. Dopamine is released during eating, gambling, sex or using smartphones. When we receive a like, a private message or a comment, or scroll through photos and short videos on social media, our brain receives a large dose of dopamine, which is associated with inducing a euphoric pleasant feeling. It is this process that makes us vulnerable to social media addiction.
The guilt that occurs after excessive use of social networking sites makes us observe a significant lowering of mood and depression, which can be quickly offset by doubling the time spent in front of the smartphone. To increase the supply of dopamine, we browse applications more and more intensively and we need more and more stimuli in the form of likes, retweets, emoticons, new content to feel relieved and activate the reward system. It is this cause and effect relationship based on motivation, reward and reinforcement that makes us fall into the dopamine loop and engage more and more in social media activity.
Young couple in gadget dependency disorder

How does social media addiction manifest itself?

Using social media is a habit of all of us. There is nothing wrong with their use, as long as it does not significantly determine our daily functioning. The warning sign of social media addiction is the presence of the following symptoms:

What is the excessive use of social media and the FOMO effect?

Compulsive use of social media is associated with negative consequences for mental and mental health. It is observed that people who spend too much time on social networking sites are much more susceptible to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
This is closely related to the occurrence of the FOMO effect (‘fear of missing out’), which means ‘fear of falling out of circulation’. FOMO is an emotional reaction that is characterized by the belief that other people’s lives are better, more satisfying, and the belief that we are missing out on something very important if we are not present on social media.
FOMO manifests itself when we compare our “ordinary” life with the idealized world that other users of Internet applications create. Seeing rich, beautiful, having a great time people who seem to have no mortal cares, we begin to feel lonely and our self-esteem decreases. We begin not to feel the joy of life and even our greatest success seems to be trivial compared to the spectacular achievements of others.
Dissatisfaction and anxiety caused by FOMO are related to the constant need to monitor social media by increasing the fear that we will miss some very important information. This is characterized by frequent, nervous glances at the phone, obsessively checking notifications on social media, just to be able to share new information with other users. In this way, a vicious circle is created where people are unhappy with seeing the better life of others and the growing need to be present in web applications. Therefore, social media is both the cause and effect of FOMO.
The overuse of social media also affects our self-esteem. Women in particular tend to compare their physical appearance with other social media users. Increased exposure in online applications makes more and more people dissatisfied with their body and significantly reduces food despite having a healthy figure. This can lead to dangerous eating disorders and aggravate mental illness.
In addition, compulsive use of social media significantly worsens relationships in the real world. Although the premise of social networks was to facilitate contact between loved ones and keep them in constant contact, it is thanks to social media that we can feel more alone than ever before. Face-to-face conversations are being replaced by in-app conversations. An ordinary coffee outing is turned into liking and commenting on photos. Living a full life among people is a substitute for sharing and viewing content. As a result, social media addiction focuses more attention on the smartphone and apps, rather than on the surroundings and people around us.

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Treating Social Media Addiction at Zeus Rehab

Determining whether you are addicted to social media may seem difficult to you because the use of technology is so common these days. There is a fine line in determining whether you are addicted to social media or whether being online is still within the norm. The first step is always to become aware of the problem and to try to fight the addiction, which significantly determines and negatively affects everyday functioning.
At Zeus Rehab, we offer specialized, individualized and luxury treatment programs for those addicted to social media. We believe that compulsive use of the Internet is as harmful to health and life as addictions to psychoactive substances such as alcohol or drugs. We never judge your problem and always make the best efforts to ensure that the treatment in our clinic ends with an improvement in the quality of your life and relationships with your loved ones.
Social media addiction therapy aims to implement healthy web usage practices. Compulsive use of social media is very different from other addictions because we cannot permanently eliminate the addictive stimulus, which is the Internet. Our task is to take steps to help you recognize pathological behavior related to excessive smartphone use. We will try to start with the basics and find themes that relate to your addiction. Perhaps the cause of your problem with compulsive use of social media is shyness, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence? Or maybe you suffer from anxiety and depression, and escaping into the virtual world allows you to find solace? Do you feel a lack of acceptance and attention from your loved ones? At Zeus Rehab, we will first take care of providing you with emotional support and we will try to eliminate the aspects that influenced the development of your addiction. We will repair relations with loved ones and restore the will to live in the real world. We will teach you the rational use of Internet resources. We will approach you holistically – we will treat you, your mind, body and soul.
Treatment of social media addiction at Zeus Rehab is based on a personalized and comprehensive therapeutic plan. Highly experienced and compassionate doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are ready to guide you through the difficult road to overcoming your compulsive use of social media. We are characterized by empathy, understanding and indescribable discretion. Treatment takes place in the comfort of our luxurious residence, beautiful and picturesque surroundings and 5* standard.
Our unparalleled team of experts will provide a sustainable solution that will change your life forever and make you look forward to the future with optimism. Remember that you can learn a healthy relationship with social media and start enjoying life here and now, in the real world.
360-degree health assessment:
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In accordance with the individual treatment plan, we develop a schedule of therapeutic classes based on:

  • Psychiatry and psychotherapy

During therapy, you are constantly under the supervision of a psychiatrist. In addition, you constantly receive the support of a certified psychotherapist who will take care of your emotional well-being.

  • Medical supervision

A qualified doctor and a nursing team will take care of a comprehensive assessment of your health. If necessary, they will plan the necessary laboratory tests, diagnose and exclude addiction co-morbidities.

  • Addiction and health assessment

The duration and general core of your therapy will depend on where you are on your recovery journey.

  • 360-degree therapy

We comprehensively treat your mind, body and soul. Therefore, during therapy, we will focus not only on talking and getting to know you, but we will approach the entire treatment process holistically. Therefore, if possible, we will implement complementary therapies such as: yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, beauty treatments, vitamin infusions.

  • 5* luxury

We know that for therapy to be successful, it must be associated with pleasure. That is why we invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and discretion.


We invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and anonymity.