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presctiption Drugs detox at Zeus Rehab

At Zeus Rehab, we know how hard it is to stop taking addictive prescription drugs on your own. Our offer of prescription drugs detox is addressed to the most demanding people who value comfort and exclusive treatment conditions. We carry out detoxification in the comfort of our luxurious residence under the supervision of the best specialists. The pillars of our work are: empathy, care, trust and discretion.

Going through prescription drugs detoxification is essential in overcoming prescription drugs addiction. Perhaps you have thought about stopping taking your medications or have tried to stop taking them more than once. Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible.

Prescription drugs detox in our clinic is based on a personalized treatment plan. We take into account every aspect of your life, i.e. diet, lifestyle, type of addiction and psychophysical condition. We carry out detoxification based on a detailed medical history, blood test results and an in-depth analysis of your health. From the beginning, the individual therapeutic program is supported by psychotherapy and cooperation with our addiction therapists.

Prescription drugs detox in Zeus Rehab will remove all addictive chemicals from your body and introduce healthy mechanisms of coping with the temptation to reach for the drug.

Prescription drugs detox is divided into individual stages:

Health assessment – medical history, laboratory tests

Detoxification of the body from drugs

Painless transition to abstinence

Motivation to start drug addiction treatment

Prescription Drugs detox program at Zeus Rehab


We invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and anonymity.