Drug Detox

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Drug detox at Zeus Rehab

At Zeus Rehab, we offer exclusive drug detox programs. Our offer is addressed to the most demanding people. We carry out detoxification in our luxurious residence under the supervision of highly qualified medical staff. The foundations of our actions are empathy, care, trust and discretion. We will do our best to make you feel safe and get through drug detoxification without unnecessary suffering.

At the beginning of the whole process, we will conduct an extensive medical history with you to find out: what is your degree of addiction, how long have you been using drugs, what substances are you addicted to, how much drugs are you taking. We will perform detailed laboratory tests and try to identify co-existing addiction conditions and diseases. Then we will move on to a gentle cleansing of the body and re-stimulate your mind, body and soul.

For us, you are unique, which is why drug detox will be based on an individual treatment plan that will take into account such aspects as: lifestyle, type of addiction, health condition and diet.

Drug detox is divided into different stages:

Health assessment – medical history, laboratory tests

Detoxification of the body from drugs

Painless transition to abstinence

Motivation to start drug therapy

In our clinic we carry out drug detoxification from

Drug detox program at Zeus Rehab


We invite you to our residence, where you will feel extremely safe and comfortable, and our staff will take care of your peace and anonymity.